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Becta common file format for Interactive whiteboards Project http://industry.becta.org.uk/display.cfm?resID=37722.will release a code library and Common file format viewer with OSS licences.

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The Board Viewer tool is part of the IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) common file format project.
The project created an interoperable IWB file format which will allow files to be shared across
different software programs.

The Board Viewer is a tool which can support technical testing of resources produced in the
interactive white board common file format, and is also useful for teaching staff to preview IWB
format files where they may not have access to their normal IWB software; much like the way
Adobe Acrobat Reader™ allows a user to read .PDF files.

The Board Viewer is deliberately limited in functionality as it is not designed to compete with
commercial applications.

The Board Viewer and the associated code libraries are released under Open Source licenses in
line with UK Government recommendations, and the viewer is available for community

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